Fruit Spread

Aohata Fully Fruit

Using select fruit and fruit juice, Aohata Fully Fruit is crafted to bring out the fruit's natural aromas, textures and flavors for an incomparable taste experience.


Aohata 55

The fruit jam that set the standard for low sugar jam in Japan since 1970.

Aohata Traditional

Aohata's classic blend of the finest citrus from Japan's Setouchi region.

Aohata Calorie Half

Half the calories of low sugar jam as defined for strawberry jam and orange marmalade in the STANDARD TABLES OF FOOD COMPOSITION IN JAPAN - 2015. (Low sugar blueberry jam is not included in the standard table.)

Other Spread

Aohata Black Sesame Spread

A blend of ground roasted sesame seeds and sesame paste combined to create a rich and deep flavor.

Aohata Peanut Spread

Made with peanuts roasted at just the right temperature to bring out their natural aroma.

Aohata Spreadable Pate

Full of flavours higlighting this lineup's natural ingredients, the smooth texture of this terrine makes it a snap to spread on your favourite bread.

VERDE Toast Spread

Simply invigorate your toast with the many flavors of VERDE Toast Spread.


Enjoy two flavors at once with convenient PAKITTE pouches. Perfect for busy mornings or on the go, PAKITTE pouches are spreadable with one hand, no utensils required!


Aohata Setoda Mikan Juice

Made with 100%, not from concentrate, freshly squeezed mikan juice (Japanese mandarin orange) from Setoda Island in the Setouchi region.

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